Here’s How To Get Accounts Payable Automation Right The First Time

  • Here’s How To Get Accounts Payable Automation Right The First Time

    Here’s How To Get Accounts Payable Automation Right The First Time

    Many companies recognize the value of automating business processes like accounts payable. They also recognize the importance of doing things right the first time so they don’t have to go to the expense of re-doing them a few months or years later.

    When you’re ready to automate AP in your business, you’ll want to make sure you get it right first time. A little extra effort put into making sure accounts payable implementation goes smoothly will have a big long-term payoff. Keep reading for tips on how to avoid problems with AP automation and implement a system that works for your company.


    Plan Ahead

    Before going ahead with AP automation, you’ll need to ask five questions:

    • What’s Our Goal For Automation?
    • Who’s On Board With AP Automation?
    • How Will AP Employees Use Their Time?
    • What Will Automation Cost?
    • Which AP System Will We Use?

    Answering these five questions will help you map out your goals for AP automation and decide what you want to achieve. When you have a clear plan, then you’ll be more likely to stay on track for implementing AP automation that does what you need it to do. For more information, click here to read our article “5 Questions To Ask Before You Automate AP.”

    Use A Complete AP Solution

    You’re going to want a software system that can handle every step in the accounts payable process. Getting one system to handle invoice coding, another for approvals, and another for payment authorization just makes things too complicated. Make sure that your AP software can handle all the AP processing tasks. Even better, find a supplier that offers a suite of programs that can also handle purchase orders, payments, and document storage. That way, automated systems in several different departments can work together seamlessly.

    Get IT On Board

    Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies make it easy to implement AP automation without putting any burden on your IT department. But that doesn’t mean you should leave IT out of the loop. It’s important to get IT on-board with your accounts payable automation plans early in the process. They can often help you find the best software solution and support a smooth transition.

    Find A Reliable Supplier

    Once you’ve done all the work to get ready for a smooth transition to automation, you certainly don’t want to find out your supplier can’t deliver on what they’ve promised. Sadly, this problem is all too common in the enterprise IT/Software industry where only 33% of implementation progress smoothly to completion. NextProcess, however, has an implementation rate close to 100%. We’re committed to making sure your AP automation is set up right the first time. We also help you configure the system to meet your needs and we’re here to help with any questions you have after implementation as well. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free demo.

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