Satisfy Customers With Improved AP Outsourcing Software

  • Satisfy Customers With Improved AP Outsourcing Software

    Satisfy Customers With Improved AP Outsourcing Software

    Your AP department deals with a large number of internal and external customers. Under a paper system, this involves a high volume of inter-office emails and forms, as well as answering questions via phone and email from external vendors. It’s easy for forms to get misplaced and for some invoices to slip under the radar, resulting in delays and wasting time for both the AP department and their customers.

    When you update your system to use AP automation software, many issues with customer service disappear. With automation, it’s much easier to involve internal customers in the AP process and also easier to give vendors access invoice processing information. These advantages quickly lead to more satisfied customers.

    Ap Outsourcing Software Satisfy Customers With Improved Ap

    Vendor Portal

    NextProcess’ AP Automation Software makes use of a vendor platform to grant your vendors controlled access to the software. This allows vendors to search the system for their own invoices, check payment status, and submit missing invoices on their own schedule and with minimal hassle.

    Not only does this save your vendors time and trouble, which is sure to brighten their days, but it also makes things easier on your AP department. Implementing an AP system that allows your vendors to help themselves reduces the number of calls and emails directed toward AP, freeing-up AP employees to focus on other matters.

    Internal Access

    Automatic AP software simplifies sharing invoice information within your company as well. With NextProcess software, there are no individual user licenses. You pay one fee no matter how many people use the software, so you never have to compromise about who can take advantage of the increased productivity afforded by AP automation.

    All invoices – both past and present – are automatically entered into your Online Document Repository. When you purchase NextProcess software, you’re also getting permanent online data and image storage. These records are available 24/7 and are easy to search and download.

    Faster Processing

    While increased visibility and access are an important step towards customers satisfaction, it doesn’t really help unless the invoices are getting processed in a timely manner. AP automation software excels at this task. Incoming invoices can be automatically GL coded and routed for electronic approval through a system designed to reduce touch points and keep invoices moving.

    Faster processing means you’ll be able to pay your vendors well before payment deadlines. This keeps them happy – no one likes waiting for payments – and it also works out well for your company. Not only do you avoid late payment fees but, in many cases, you can also take advantage of early payment discounts. If this sounds good, contact us today to get started with AP software!