Capital Project Management

Drive best practices while providing more oversight and control.

Capital Project Management

ERP systems play a critical role in record keeping for large and complicated organizations but demand cost-prohibitive customizations to gain the essential reporting and analysis tools to make intelligent capital project management decisions.  Growth and expansion increase the need for accurate capital project management and detailed reporting on planned and actual costs.

Capital project owners require custom software modules to work as an addition to ERP systems to fill the functionality gaps and deliver more efficient and focused capital project management. 

NextProcess’ Capital Project Management Software easily integrates with your existing ERP, alleviates the need to develop expensive customizations, and allows you to start driving best practices while providing more oversight and control right away. Using our Software as a Service capital budgeting software, you can:

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  • Drive more focused, efficient use of allocated funds.

  • Track your capital expenses across multiple budget periods or years.

  • Report with granular detail on your capital project management.

  • Create Budgets for the year, the month, the location, and more.

  • Use a collaborative budgeting and planning tool that’s accessible anywhere.

Integrate seamlessly with:

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Take control of your capital management.

Capital Projects don't have to be so cumbersome. Schedule a demonstration to learn how NextProcess' Captial Management Software can speed up, streamline, and ease collaboration for all your capital projects.

Functionality Highlights

Total Spend Visibility

  • Quickly and easily search for any project, open or closed.
  • View large projects, individual orders, or invoice details with just a few clicks.
  • Online platform means real time information.


  • Subprojects can be quickly created by pulling overlapping data from the existing project.
  • Projects are automatically routed for review and approval for more efficient capital project management.
  • Different approval requirements can be configured for project type, project total, region, and more.

Budgeting Tools

  • Capital Budgeting Software tools with configurable levels.
  • Accurate, real-time reporting on capital budgets.
  • Configurable layers of budgeting detail to meet your organizational needs and structure.

Security and Access

  • Tighter controls over viewing, editing, and reporting on budgets and projects.
  • Visibility can be restricted to a single location, region or more for individual users.
  • Approvers can delegate their authority when out of the office to keep processes moving.

Detailed Tracking

  • Event and change logging makes your next audit run seamlessly.
  • Projects are assigned a unique ID for tracking throughout the capital project.
  • Capital budgeting software keeps project spend and timing on target.

Flexible Platform Configuration

  • Work with our team experts to create a system tailored to your processes.
  • Incorporate custom fields, variable routing, automated reporting, and more.
  • Work with capital budgeting software that grows with your company and scales into your needs.
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