Business Process Outsourcing

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Business Process Outsourcing

Automation and technology can transform your company, but having a talented support team is key to continued improvement and success. Our BPO Services provide a variety of staffing options to guarantee excellent results. NextProcess’ BPO Services include accounts payable services, expense report audit services, document imaging services and electronic storage—a broad array of full-service, customizable solutions to meet any of your business process needs. Leveraging our technology and BPO services, you can:

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  • Bring business process improvement to strategic areas.

  • Drive value in your organization by investing in your core competencies.

  • Gain control over policies and procedures via service level commitments.

  • Grow your business quickly with reliable scalability behind you.

  • Reduce internal and administrative expenses using our business process outsourcing services.

Scale your business reliably.

For quickly growing organizations, scaling back office processes can be an afterthought and lead to audit disaster.  Schedule a consultation to find out how NextProcess' Business Process Outsourcing can ease the operational weight of accounting processes and give confidence for your next audits.

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Services Highlights

Accounts Payable Services

  • Dedicated team of talented accounts payable professionals managing your invoice workflow.
  • Our automation reduces your transactional cost—pay by the invoice, not the hour.
  • Daily processing, vendor resolution, and other tasks can be outsourced quickly and easily.
  • Use your staff as much or as little as desired to keep control where it matters most.

Expense Report Audit Service

  • Avoid fraud and risk with a thorough third party review of expense reports.
  • Maintain important segregation of duties to ensure full policy compliance.
  • Our dedicated staff members follow your policy to the letter.
  • Quick expense report turnaround gets your employees paid timely.

Document Imaging Services

  • Create a searchable, central database of digital images which can be accessed anywhere.
  • Index any number of fields for review and reporting.
  • High volume mailroom scanning ensures same day turnaround.
  • Know your important information is available to you with accurate and secure information.
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