Document Storage

Digitize your paper documents
into an indexed, easily
trackable electronic image.

Document Management

Every company needs a reliable record keeping system. Good records help protect your company when you get audited, and they make it possible to track expenses and sources of income over the life of your business. The IRS recommends keeping most financial records for at least 7 years. Beyond expense and income documentation, your organization may also need to maintain records of leases, client orders, legal documents, and more.

That much documentation can easily take-up large amounts of storage space, requiring off-site storage. It's time-consuming to sort through all the files if you're looking for specific documents and can get costly paying off-site document storage to pull them.

When paper gets out of hand and boxes are taking up too much space in your office, you need electronic document management. NextProcess’ Document Management System has a transformative power over the different document types in your organization. Harness our software tools with our proven data capture workflow to stop chasing paper and start driving value.

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  • Immediately simplify record-keeping.

  • Gain detailed oversight into everyday document processing.

  • Access document management system online anywhere, anytime.

  • Quickly search and sort different kinds of documents.

  • Free up storage space and reduce costs across the board.

Integrate seamlessly with:

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Digitize your document management.

Looking through filing cabinets or storage boxes to find paperwork is slow and frustrating while recalling documents from offsite storage can get expensive.  Schedule a demonstration of NextProcess' document management software to discover the simplicity of digitizing your document management and the freedom of having your records a quick search away.

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Functionality Highlights


  • Full-text search functionality makes it easy to find the right image fast.
  • Metadata analysis and reporting at the touch of a button.
  • Custom workflow tool for documents needing review or editing.


  • Capture data for any kind of document including leases, contracts, or orders.
  • Define software controls and indexed fields that make sense for you.
  • Manage multiple types of documents for a more streamlined business process.

Workflow Management

  • Use our high volume image processing center for paper documents.
  • Take advantage of multiple different electronic image submissions, including email and EDI.
  • Funnel documents to different destinations based on types or issues.


  • Online document management system grants you simplified user control.
  • All of your hard copy documents are received at our secure facility.
  • Paper can be securely destroyed on-site or sent for permanent storage off-site.


  • Online document management system can be accessed anywhere.
  • No additional fees for user licenses—this is the platform for everyone.
  • Users can log in from smartphones, tablets, anywhere they can connect to the internet.

Simple Records Retention

  • Easily review images and details anytime, anywhere.
  • Users can save or print PDF documents as needed.
  • Online document management system eliminates the need for on-site storage.
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