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Deploy Customized Financial Operation Automation with a Secure and Proven Software Suite.

It’s Common Knowledge that Implementing automation measurably increases productivity among Finance & Accounting teams. Delivering an automation solution can be a daunting task for an already busy IT Team. Our modular suite allows IT Teams to deploy in-house quality solutions with near plug-and-play simplicity.

Why Trust NextProcess

Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of industry experience and a team of helpful experts, NextProcess has the expertise to deliver top-notch AP automation solutions.

Delivery Excellence

Delivery is our top priority, yielding an industry-leading record of solution deployment and implementation.

Strategic Partner

We treat each client with individual respect and attention, developing strategic partnerships while continuously driving improvement.

Deploy Customized Financial Operation Automation

Studies show that implementing automation in finance and accounting can greatly boost productivity. Delivering an automation solution can be overwhelming for busy IT teams. With our modular suite, implementing in-house quality solutions is made simpler and more efficient.


  • Impeccable Uptime

    Maintain a nearly perfect uptime rate of 99.99%, even during times of crisis such as the COVID pandemic. Reliable and uninterrupted service ensures that organizations can continue to process invoices without disruption, providing peace of mind in even the most challenging circumstances.

  • Compatibility with existing systems

    Integrate with other applications and platforms already in use, such as ERP or accounting systems, to ensure seamless data transfer and avoid redundancy. With APIs already in place and experience integrating with all major ERPs, time to live is faster than equally customizable solutions.

  • Strong Data Security

    Robust security measures protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, hacking, and data breaches. Data encryption, access controls, and audit trails protect against data security threats externally and internally.

  • Compliance with Regulations

    Meet or exceed regulatory or compliance requirements, including HIPAA and SSAE-18, which can be difficult to meet in a timely and cost-effective manner with an in-house developed automation solution.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Accommodate growth and increased demand without sacrificing performance or reliability. This includes the ability to add additional users, modules, or features as needed. With billions in transactions processed, you never need to worry about finance, procurement, and accounting demands growing too fast.

  • Powerful User Management

    Basic user management functions include create, modify, and delete user accounts. Flexible user management capabilities include assigning roles, permissions, and manage access controls. Robust conditional parameters can accommodate complex approval, routing, access, and permission structures. Create rules for individual users or vendors.

  • Reallocate IT Resources

    Allows organizations to focus their internal resources on core business activities by taking over software development and maintenance.

  • Tailored Workflows

    Configure workflows to suit organizational needs, without the need for in-house programmers or experience with the technology.

  • Cost-Effective Model

    Implement only the modules your organization needs and add more as budget and resources allow. Pricing for most modules scales with transactions rather than users, allowing more operational efficiency while only paying for what you use.

  • Specialized Functionality

    Modular design and integration architecture allow for specialized features or functionality that may not be feasible to develop and maintain in-house, providing more value to organizations. Ongoing feature development leads to enhanced functionality many users didn’t even know was possible (and now can’t live without).

  • Ongoing Technical Support & Updates

    Ongoing technical support and maintenance mitigates the need for in-house resources beyond your organization’s capabilities. Regular updates ensure ongoing compatibility, so there's never a “hair on fire” rush to update outdated/retired integrations that break.

  • Fewer IT Service & Support Request

    Proper implementation and user-friendly interface lead to fewer reports of non-working software or user created problems. Thorough documentation and intuitive navigation eases the training and hand holding requirements of your IT Team.

  • Streamlined Integration & Customization

    Efficiently integrate with existing ERPs or accounting systems, ensuring seamless data transfer and avoiding redundancy. Leverage the pre-configured foundation, deep knowledge of integration architecture, and experience with major ERPs for fast deployment.

  • Comprehensive IT Support & Resource Optimization

    Enable organizations to focus internal resources on core business activities by handling software development, maintenance, and providing ongoing technical support. Regular updates ensure compatibility and prevent outdated or retired integrations from causing application failure.

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