Should I Automate My Business Processes or Outsource Them?

  • Should I Automate My Business Processes or Outsource Them?

    Should I Automate My Business Processes or Outsource Them?

    It’s no secret that automating and/or outsourcing business processes can save your company time and money. But which one should you pick? It all depends on exactly what needs to be done and how much of your process you want to keep in-house. Automation gives you more direct control but requires more time and in-house employees than outsourcing.

    Business Process Management Should I Automate My Business Processes Or Outsource Them

    What’s the Difference?

    Business Process Automation gives your company the tools to more effectively handle your own business processes. You’ll still need in-house employees to work with the software and perform tasks that require a human touch.

    Business Process Outsourcing takes more of the workload off your hands. Instead of automating your AP department, for example, you hire a team of AP professionals to manage the accounts payable side of your business. You’re involved only as much as you want to be.

    NextProcess BPA

    Automation can streamline any number of business processes. Most of NextProcesses software helps your company handle finances in a more efficient and accurate way. Automation software increases productivity in departments where it’s implemented, decreases errors, makes audits easier, and streamlines communication.

    NextProcess offers many different types of automation software. Our Capital Project Management software can help you get a handle on CapEx spend. Travel and Expense software makes it easy for employees to submit expense reports and receive timely reimbursement. And those are just a couple examples of the software solutions we offer.

    Even better, NextProcess offers the only suite of software with modules that work together to automate your business processes. They’ll integrate seamlessly with ERPs and can be used together or on their own for a complete solution to simplifying capital project management, procurement and purchase orders, accounts payable, travel expenses, and payment disbursement.

    BPO Examples

    In addition to automation services, NextProcess offers you the option to outsource instead of automate. Whether you’re a small company or large, outsourcing helps scale your business reliably so you can keep on top of things and handle audits more efficiently. NextProcess offers outsourcing for accounts payable, expense report audits, and document imaging services.

    You save money by purchasing our accounts payable services by the invoice, not the hour. Our team of dedicated, talented AP professionals can handle daily processing, vendor resolution, and as much or as little of your other tasks as you like.

    For expense report audits, we enable quick turnaround so your employees get paid in a timely manner. We’ll also help you avoid fraud with a thorough, third-party review that follows your policy to the letter.

    Our document imaging service offers same-day scanning of your important documents to a central database. It’s safe, secure, easily searchable, and you can access it anywhere. Want to learn more about any of our services? Contact NextProcess today.