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Procure with Purpose: Simplify, Comply, and Save.

Maximize organization-wide adoption of streamlined procurement practices with custom solutions that eliminate red tape and paperwork. Convert Maverick spenders into rule-abiding purchasers and empower your procurement team to focus on strategic spending initiatives.

Why Trust NextProcess

Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of industry experience and a team of helpful experts, NextProcess has the expertise to deliver top-notch AP automation solutions.

Delivery Excellence

Delivery is our top priority, yielding an industry-leading record of solution deployment and implementation.

Strategic Partner

We treat each client with individual respect and attention, developing strategic partnerships while continuously driving improvement.

Deploy Customized Financial Operation Automation

Studies show that implementing automation in finance and accounting can greatly boost productivity. Delivering an automation solution can be overwhelming for busy IT teams. With our modular suite, implementing in-house quality solutions is made simpler and more efficient.


  • Automate purchase requests and approvals

    Streamline the procurement process and save valuable time by automating purchase requests and approvals. Eliminate cumbersome paper-based workflows and expedite the purchase-to-payment cycle.

  • Centralize purchasing and requisition management

    Achieve greater efficiency and control by centralizing your procurement and requisition management. Get real-time visibility into your organization’s procurement activities and optimize your spending.

  • Customize workflows and approval hierarchies

    Tailor your procurement workflows and approval hierarchies to meet the specific needs of your organization. Boost efficiency, speed up approvals, and ensure compliance.

  • Punchout Catalog: Direct Vendor Shopping

    By providing a direct connection to vendor websites, the Punchout Catalog feature streamlines the shopping experience for users. Only pre-approved items are displayed, which helps limit maverick spending while saving time for both the procurement team and the end-user.

  • Managed Purchasing Lists: Boost Efficiency with Tailored Catalogs

    Create specific lists for your organization, limiting purchases to company-approved items. Simplify the procurement process and eliminate time-consuming searches.

  • Streamlined Requisitions: Memorized/Favorited PO Templates

    Simplify the procurement process by saving frequently used templates. Eliminate the need to create a PO from scratch every time. Boost efficiency and streamline requisitions.

  • Integrate with existing accounting and ERP systems

    Integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting and ERP systems to streamline your procurement process and improve data accuracy. Eliminate data entry errors and ensure financial data integrity.

  • Manage vendor performance

    Optimize vendor performance and ensure the highest levels of quality and service. Use data-driven insights to evaluate vendor performance and make informed decisions about future partnerships.

  • Create and manage purchase orders

    Simplify purchase order creation and management with our user-friendly interface. Speed up the procurement process, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with procurement policies.

  • Track and analyze budget and spend

    Monitor and analyze your budget and spending in real-time with our advanced tracking and analysis tools. Identify cost savings opportunities and improve your organization’s financial performance.

  • Gain real-time budget visibility and control

    Get a real-time view of your organization’s budget and spending to improve your financial decision-making. Ensure compliance and control spending with powerful budgeting and reporting features.

  • Access comprehensive reporting and analytics

    Use our powerful reporting and analytics features to gain valuable insights into your procurement activities. Identify trends, measure performance, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Manage purchasing agreements and enforce policies

    Manage your purchasing agreements and enforce procurement policies with ease. Streamline your compliance process and ensure vendor compliance with our automated policy enforcement features.

  • Improve inventory management and tracking

    Improve your inventory management and tracking with our powerful tools. Optimize your procurement process, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

  • Mobile access

    Access our software from anywhere, at any time. Manage procurement activities on the go.

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