How To Avoid the Most Common Mistakes That Companies Make When Implementing New e-Procurement Software

  • How To Avoid the Most Common Mistakes That Companies Make When Implementing New e-Procurement Software

    How To Avoid the Most Common Mistakes That Companies Make When Implementing New e-Procurement Software

    Do you want a procurement solution that only half-works? Or that fails entirely after you’ve poured money into it?

    Of course not! But unfortunately, that’s what a large percentage of companies end up with when they try to implement an e-procurement solution. About 66% of software solutions purchased by companies are never fully implemented. If you’re going to reap the benefits of a new procurement system, then you need to learn how to avoid pitfalls and make your implementation part of the 33% that works.

    This starts with educating yourself on the most common mistakes companies make when implementing new e-procurement software. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to put your company on-track to having an e-procurement system that really works for you.


    Why so many pitfalls?

    It’s pretty well known in the IT/Software industry that 1/3 of implementations fail entirely. Another 1/3 get scaled back or have their scope changed or reduced. That leaves only 1/3 being fully implemented.

    There are a number of reasons for this low implementation rate. Sometimes it’s an issue of poor scoping on the part of the solution provider. Sometimes it’s because the company learns a salesperson promised them features that don’t actually exist or wasn’t upfront about hidden costs. Other times it has to do with poor planning on the company’s part.

    What can you do?

    Avoiding a failed implementation starts with two key actions: 1) making a plan and 2) choosing a reliable software solution.

    Making a plan covers your company’s side of the implementation equation. You need to do your homework to understand what type of procurement solution you need and then figure out how you’re going to get there.

    Choosing a reliable software solution means you can trust your supplier to hold up their end of the deal. When you’re working with a supplier committed to putting your needs first and seeing the implementation through to completion, then you have a strong ally to help you avoid implementation mistakes.


    Which solutions will work best?

    When you’re making a company plan for improving your procurement system, make Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies your first choice. That’s going to save you a lot of headaches and keep the burden off your own IT department.

    SaaS companies will handle most of the implementation work for you. Plus, they often design their software to work seamlessly with your existing ERP system. You won’t have to worry about long, costly implementation as you set up a new internal system. You just have find the best-fit SaaS company for you.

    How do you know which SaaS company is best?

    It’s important that you make a list of your goals for your new e-Procurement system before you start shopping. You’ll want something that’s easy for employees to use on a daily basis and which you can customize to your business process. You’ll also need to find one with outstanding customer service.

    The pitfalls that cause so many software implementations to fail aren’t an issue with NextProcess. We’re always closely involved with the setup of our software and we have a near perfect implementation rate. The only times we haven’t completed an implementation it’s been because the client backed-out due to an unexpected internal reason. So contact us today for a free demo of how our procurement solution can help your company.

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