3 Steps To Getting Your Boss On-Board With AP Automation

  • 3 Steps To Getting Your Boss On-Board With AP Automation

    3 Steps To Getting Your Boss On-Board With AP Automation

    Convince Boss Accounts Payable Automation Software

    So you’re working in Accounts Payable. You’re surrounded by paperwork, you’re manually entering data, and you’re struggling to keep track of invoice deadlines. You’re sure that implementing an automation system could solve a whole host of problems for your and the company.

    Trouble is, your boss doesn’t see it that way. For some reason, they think everything is fine the way it is. Maybe they don’t understand the benefits of automation, maybe they think it’s too costly, or maybe they think the current process works just fine.

    If you want to try convincing them to reconsider AP automation, you’ll need a plan. Try these three steps to formulate a good argument for implementing AP automation in your department and convincing your boss.

    Step 1: Get Perspective

    First of all, you need to look at AP automation from your boss’ perspective. What are their goals and priorities? Which sort of things do they need to deliver to higher-ups in the company? What does a win look like in their world?

    Once you answer those questions, you’ll know what they need to get out of an AP automation system. People are far more likely to get on board with your ideas if you’re solving a problem for them and giving them a chance to look good.

    Step 2: Do Your Research

    You’ve probably already done some research on AP automation. After all, you know enough to think it’s a good idea for your department. But you might not have researched how to answer the questions your boss will be asking. It’s best to do this on you own time, so no one will call your use of company resources into question.

    There are plenty of benefits of automating your AP department that will interest your boss. For example, you can:

    • Demonstrate how AP automation saves money and talk about ROI.
    • Present statistics demonstrating that automating AP cuts down on errors and allows for faster invoice processing at a lower cost per invoice.
    • Talk about how the increased access to accurate information will simplify audits and enable better forecasting.
    • Check out our blog for more ideas.

    Step 3: Present Your Idea

    When you have everything ready, ask your boss for a meeting. Briefly and enthusiastically outline what you’ve been working on in your own time related to AP automation. Focus on the points you think will be most relevant to them. If they seem receptive, ask for a chance to formally present your idea and volunteer to take the lead in making it happen.

    If all goes well, you’ll soon see AP automation implemented in your company. When that happens, keep NextProcess in mind. Our AP Automation Software offers all the benefits you’re looking for from automatic AP. It also scales to your business’s needs and works hand-in-hand with many existing ERP applications. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demonstration of our simple, powerful system.