Best Tips For Getting IT Management On Board With AP Automation

  • Best Tips For Getting IT Management On Board With AP Automation

    Best Tips For Getting IT Management On Board With AP Automation

    When you’re crafting a business case for Accounts Payable Automation, you’ll probably focus on convincing the c-suite and executive management. But don’t overlook the role the IT department plays. IT has their own priorities and questions about new technology solutions. If you don’t consult with them and address their needs, then your automation project isn’t going to get the support you want it to.

    Best Tips For Getting It Management On Board With Ap Automation


    Understand The IT Department

    Before you can address the IT department’s concerns with AP automation, you need to understand them and their role in the company. Broadly speaking, IT implements and maintains the infrastructure for automation. You want them on your side.

    Because IT is responsible for making sure the company’s technology works correctly, they’re closely concerned with what sort of automation system is implemented in the AP department. You can’t afford to overlook their concerns, needs, and interests when planning for AP automation.

    Address IT’s Concerns

    IT’s perspective on invoice automation is going to be different than that of other departments. Executives will want to know about the bottom line and AP employees want to know how automation will change their jobs. IT, on the other hand, has different concerns.

    Some of IT management’s primary concerns with AP automation involve resources, compatibility, and security. They might worry about not having the resources required to implement and maintain a new automation system for AP. They’ll be concerned with avoiding security breaches and maintaining a smoothly functioning system. They need to know how compatible and flexible the new system is with existing and future AP-related software.

    Craft An Argument For SaaS

    One way you can get IT management on board with a new process is by minimizing the hassle your AP system will cause them. If you were setting up on-premise AP automation it would involve new software and hardware installation. IT would also have to worry about maintaining the system. But you don’t have that with cloud-based and service as a software (SaaS) solutions like NextProcess.

    Using the SaaS approach means the company you’re getting your AP automation from is responsible for installing, hosting, and maintaining the system. They’re also responsible for software updates and technical support. If the AP department grows, they’re the ones that deal with scaling their service to your business. In short, they’re handling much of the work that would otherwise fall to the IT department.

    If your IT department is still hesitant, you can always contact us and set up a free demo. We’d be happy to demonstrate how our system would work for your company and answer any questions from IT about how we operate.