AP Automation and 2017 Technology Trends

  • AP Automation and 2017 Technology Trends

    AP Automation and 2017 Technology Trends

    Ap Automation Software Trends 2017

    If you look at the technology trends released by publications like Forbes and Boston Business Journal at the beginning of this year, you’ll see ideas related to finance automation topping the lists. Already, it looks like 2017 will be a year where business processes continue going mobile, automatic, and digital at a fast pace.

    The trend toward automation isn’t a new thing, but it’s still not losing any popularity. That’s because it works. Using automation in your business gives you more control and faster processing for less time and effort on your employees’ part.

    Back-Office Automation

    Trends in automation are bringing undervalued business processes out into the light. People who aren’t working in AP, procurement, T&E, and departments like that often overlook their importance to the company. Not anymore.

    Business process automation is now seen as an essential for serious companies, especially those that are growing. Automation enables company growth with far less expense than expanding paper-based departments. You’ll speed up processing, increase accuracy, and cuts costs as soon as you start using an automated system. That streamlines your business processes and allows speedy ROI.

    The Mobile Advantage

    Most of your workforce is already familiar with mobile technology. More and more people are working remotely from home, shopping on their phones, and handling their own finances through online banking systems. They’re ready to take advantage of what automated, mobile business technology has to offer.

    Business process automation for the modern world has to take advantage of mobile technology. Take NextProcess’ AP Automation Software as an example. You can access the secure online records from any device so the information you need is always right at your fingertips. The technology also enables mobile approval for when department heads are out of the office.

    Going Digital

    When you automate business processes, you’re also taking advantage of another technology trend ā€“ digitized information. Storing your information digitally saves space and makes it easier to locate specific files. Our software systems, including AP automation, create digital records of all your transactions. They’re secure, searchable, and always up-to-date.

    If your company isn’t updating business processes, including the accounts payable department, you’re going to get left in the dust. Keep up with the modern workforce, your competitors, and your suppliers by making 2017 the year you automate. Contact NextProcess today for a demo so you can see for yourself the difference automation can make for your company.