New Year’s Resolution: Transform Accounts Payable in 2017

  • New Year’s Resolution: Transform Accounts Payable in 2017

    New Year’s Resolution: Transform Accounts Payable in 2017

    New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individual people. You can also make resolutions to improve your business process. And there’s no better place to start than in Accounts Payable.

    AP isn’t the most glamorous department, but it’s absolutely essential to keeping your company running smoothly. In today’s business world, improving AP is made much easier by automation. If your business isn’t yet using AP automation software, 2017 is the year to change that.

    Ap Software New Year's Resolution Transform Accounts Payable In 2017

    Getting The Ball Rolling

    There are a number of reasons your company might not use AP automation yet. Mostly, these reasons boil down to one thing ā€“ it’s because someone doesn’t think automation will make that big a difference.

    To get everyone on board with AP automation, you’ll have to prove it’s going to improve the AP process. Luckily, there’s plenty of evidence you can use. You can present statistics showing that automation cuts down on errors, simplifies audits, and allows for faster processing at a lower cost per invoice. You could demonstrate how AP automation saves money and talk about ROI. If you need more ideas, check out our blog.

    Making The Transition

    Changing the way you do something in business always comes with a certain amount of hassle. You have to get the invoice arrival process centralized and digitized and set-up a new AP software system that will work with existing ERPs. Then, employees have to learn the new system.

    We don’t want to brag, but NextProcess’ AP Automation Software is one of the simplest ways to transition to automatic AP. Our software integrates seamlessly with ERP applications including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, and many more. We’ll also help you get set up quickly so you realize AP improvements from the very beginning. And our software is user-friendly so there’s a short learning curve.

    Enjoying Your Automated AP

    Once you switch to an automated AP system, you’ll notice improvements immediately. It’ll start reducing costs as soon as you use it by processing invoices faster, preventing late-payment fees, and catching errors. Long-term, AP automation gives you increased control over invoice processing, makes it easier to interact with your vendors, and forms a searchable repository of all your invoice history.

    This year, make a resolution to improve cash flow in your company. Use AP automation to save money, make invoice processing more efficient, and give employees more time to focus on other tasks. Contact us today for a demonstration of how our AP software can help you achieve your company’s new year’s resolutions.