The Benefits of Online Invoicing

  • The Benefits of Online Invoicing

    The Benefits of Online Invoicing

    The greatest benefit to starting a small business these days is having modern technology to help run your business. When you think of all the ways technology makes your life and business easier to manage, it’s amazing that any small businesses could get their start without it.


    One of the modern inventions your business needs today is online invoicing. Here are just a few of the reasons why switching to online invoicing today will help your business.

    Save Money, Time, and the Environment

    Completing your invoicing online will not only cut costs on paper, envelopes and stamps, but it will also save you time and create less waste. You could create multiple invoices online in half the time it would take you to create one with paper. You also don’t have to waste any of the time it takes to prepare for mailing and can distribute the invoices immediately. Reduce your carbon footprint by doing your invoices online.

    Minimization and Organization

    Rather than keeping records of all your invoices on paper, you can streamline the process by doing it online. You’ll have an automatic record on file and you can organize it however you want, such as by date or alphabetically. Find whatever you are looking for, such as invoices that were sent, paid, or overdue, in seconds.

    If necessary, you can even quickly find client billing information, as online invoicing minimizes everything to one easily-to-use central web application.

    Save Drafts

    Online invoicing also allows you to create an invoice ahead of time. This allows you to edit as necessary and then send when bills are due. This makes it easier to keep track of which bills have been paid and which are late without having to keep track of each one individually.

    Safely Access Anywhere

    Once your invoices are uploaded, you will have access to them anywhere you go. All you need to look up your online invoicing is access to the Internet, and that can be as simple as using your smart phone or tablet. This is because the information is saved in the cloud rather than saved to just one computer in the office.

    Limiting access to all your information to just one location does not enable you to work while you travel, and the information could easily be lost or destroyed. However, having this information accessible from anywhere through the cloud means you are free to focus on the expansion of your customer base.

    Another advantage to using an online invoicing program is that any changes you make are saved periodically throughout the day. That way you don’t have to worry about losing any important information. Also, you have peace of mind knowing that that this information is securely stored with an SSL encryption and therefore safe from hackers.

    Updates and Reminders

    With the online invoicing system that NextProcess provides, you can set preferences to have the online invoicing program send your clients reminders when a payment is due. You can even get a receipt to inform you of when clients have read your invoices. This increases your chances of getting paid on time – and knowing when you won’t get paid on time.

    Be More Efficient

    Saving time isn’t the only way you can be more efficient. When you send your invoices online, you’ll be able to quickly check for any missing information or invalid numbers. You’ll also be able to expand your business by dealing with international currencies and languages. Reports generated from your online invoicing program can then indicate where your company stands financially.

    Keep Up With the Times

    It’s not always a good idea to do something for your business just because “everyone else is doing it.” However, you can get cut out of the competition if everyone is doing something extremely efficiently and you’re not. Switching to online invoicing will not only enhance the way you do business, but it will improve your brand image and demonstrate that you are just as modern and capable as any competitor.

    Online invoicing is the greatest way to expand your small business into a much larger one. Transitioning from paper to online invoicing will allow you to focus on the areas that matter in order to help your business grow. Try online invoicing today!