Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

    Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

    If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably decided that you want to implement process improvements in your company’s accounts payable department. And that’s a wise decision. Business process automation and improvement software has the potential to help your business tremendously and as we move into the future more and more companies are seeing it as a vital part of business.

    Once you decide that you need to implement AP process improvement, though, you’ve now got a whole bunch of other questions to answer. For starters, you’ll need to decide which type of process improvement is right for your company. And then you’ll have to pick which of the many software suppliers out there you’ll want to work with.

    As you’re working through finding answers to these questions, consider using an SaaS provider. Software as a Service is changing how companies approach process improvement initiatives within their accounts payable operation.

    SaaS providers often offer more options, more software flexibility, and lower costs than other types of suppliers can provide. These advantages make SaaS ideal for companies in need of a department or process overhaul. If that sounds good, keep reading to learn more about five important advantages that using an SaaS provider can give your company.


    1) Ongoing Support

    Most of the big software providers have robust solutions which cost big bucks to implement. Ultimately, after implementation, they leave the application largely unsupported. Once they’ve set the software up for your company that’s pretty much the last you see of them.

    SaaS providers operate on a completely different model. The software is designed to be just one portion of the services offered. With an SaaS provider supplying your accounts payable software, you can also count on reliable support and regular software improvements.

    2) Software Customization

    SaaS providers design their software with flexibility in mind so it can fit a wide variety of needs. While many ERP software providers have similar concepts in theory, the reality is that client’s exceptions and variations are often shoehorned into whatever fields the software offers.

    A flexible model, on the other hand, is ideal for getting all of the functionality you need in a straightforward format. And if you already have ERP software, an SaaS solution can integrate with it to improve functionality.

    3) Transactional Pricing

    More traditional software providers usually charge a huge fee right up front. In addition, there’s typically an added cost for increasing the number of users. In contrast, SaaS providers are more likely to price by the transaction. They’re also far less likely to charge user fees.

    After a setup fee, SaaS providers often price based on which aspects of their service you’re using and how many documents are processed. Some even include bulk discounts or a reduced transactional rate for companies with higher volumes.

    4) Lower Implementation Fees

    SaaS providers generally offer software as one component of their service or solution. As a result, the setup charges are often significantly reduced when compared to a major ERP software provider.

    When using an SaaS provider, the cost is often so low that the expense doesn’t require a capital expenditure. This makes SaaS ideal for any cost-conscious organization. Implementation can also happen comparatively quickly, letting you improve your business processes much faster than with traditional software systems.

    5) Field Expertise

    SaaS providers are frequently evolving their software in order to keep up with the latest technology available. Some also provide outsourcing or consulting services that keep them well-informed of best practices and successful solutions.

    This valuable insight allows SaaS providers to give insight into why their solution will work best for you, as well as provide advising services in order to maximize process improvement. Not only that, but as SaaS companies update their software you get to benefit from the upgrades without any hassle for your IT department.

    If SaaS sounds like a good fit for your organization, we hope you’ll consider choosing NextProcess as your provider for accounts payable automation. We offer reliable ongoing support, extensive customization options, transactional pricing with no user fees, low implementation costs, and many years worth of field expertise.

    NextProcess also has one of the highest successful implementation rates in the industry. When you choose us, you can be sure we’ll follow-through on our commitment to provide you with the most reliable, user-friendly AP software available. Just contact us today to schedule a free demo and see how our software can help your company implement process improvements in your accounts payable department.