Using BPA Software to Improve Customer Service in Accounts Payable

  • Using BPA Software to Improve Customer Service in Accounts Payable

    Using BPA Software to Improve Customer Service in Accounts Payable

    Let’s think about the types of customer service you need to do in an accounts payable department. Usually if you’re answering customer service calls and emails, it’s because your vendors and suppliers want to check on the status of a payment or update their information.

    What if you could automate that? Or more specifically, what if you had accounts payable automation software that made customer service a lot easier right along with everything else involved in processing and paying invoices?

    Using Bpa Software To Improve Customer Service In Accounts Payable Bpa Saas

    A Different Type of Automated Customer Service

    Usually when we think of automation and customer service, we think of hearing an AI voice on the other end of a telephone call. Sometimes it’s helpful if you just need to quickly do something routine, like activate a new credit card. On the other hand, automated customer service can be frustrating if you have a specific problem and you’re trying to get in touch with a human being.

    That’s not the type of automation we’re talking about in this post. In the context of business process automation (BPA) software, the automated customer service features are a little different. Rather than providing your suppliers and vendors with access to automated chatbots, you’ll be giving them limited access to the AP software.

    Here’s How It Works

    One of the many features of NextProcess’ AP Automation Software is the Vendor Portal. This feature lets you give your vendors controlled access to the software platform. They’ll be able to search for their own invoices, add missing invoices, and check payment status quickly.

    Because vendors and suppliers can log in to the platform themselves, you’ll see a reduction in your AP department’s call and email volume. The Vendor Portal’s limited access means they won’t be able to change anything about your AP system or see any information other than what relates to their own invoices.

    Benefits for You and Your Vendors

    When you implement accounts payable automation software, it streamlines the entire AP process. You’ll enjoy more accurate data capture, faster processing times, and a lower processing cost per invoice. The system automatically tracks payment deadlines, ensuring you won’t fall behind on payments.

    Faster and more accurate processing benefits both you and your vendors. A faster turnaround time and an easy-to-use vendor portal mean that implementing AP automation can improve your relationship with suppliers as well as make the AP process more efficient. To learn more about how NextProcess can help and to schedule a free demo to see our accounts payable automation in action, contact us today.