Keeping Tech-Savvy Employees Happy and Productive

  • Keeping Tech-Savvy Employees Happy and Productive

    Keeping Tech-Savvy Employees Happy and Productive

    Automating business processes is no longer a simple matter of keeping up with new trends. As Millennials and younger, more tech-savvy employees become a higher percentage of the workforce, automation can help determine whether or not you keep your new employees happy, productive, and willing to stay with your company.

    The new breed of accountant is going to be more tech savvy than in the past and they are going to expect the proper tools to do their work. This isn’t laziness. They just know what tools they need to work effectively and efficiently and in today’s business world.

    Ap Automation Keeping Tech-Savvy Employees Happy And Productive

    New Employees Expect Technology

    The young employees entering the workforce now have grown up with technology. Even at a grade-school level, technology is the norm. Millennials and younger generations expect automated systems to assist with their work. They also have the skills needed to get the most out of such systems.

    In contrast, manual processes dominate traditional AP. Manual matching, filing, data entry, etc. is all time consuming, tedious, and boring. Young, tech-savvy employees can do manual tasks. But they’ll quickly lose patience with employers who force them to manually complete tasks that could much more easily be finished with automation.

    The Job Hopping Problem

    91% of young workers from the Millennial generation expect to stay at a job less than 3 years. Job-hopping might seem normal to them, but it’s a huge problem for the employer. Recruiting, hiring, and training new employees comes at a high cost. Turning your company into a place Millennial workers want to stay is much more cost-effective.

    Forcing people trained on technology to do the job manually will likely reduce employee satisfaction. On top of that, it will also make managers lose credibility with their employees. They’ll ask questions like, “Isn’t my manager smart enough to know there’s an automated way to do this that is faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective?” And quite frankly, they’re right – choosing not to automate is a poor decision.

    Automation Engages Employees

    More than any previous generation, Millennials prize work-life balance and finding engaging, fulfilling employment. Automation frees up time for employees to focus on more future oriented tasks such as projections and modeling. Instead of doing routine “boring” work, they’ll spend their time on more high-value pursuits. This keeps them engaged and it’s also good for your company.

    In addition to keeping tech-savvy employees engaged, automation improves business process across the board. It leads to better use of company financial resources, improves margins, and reduces risk of damaging problems such as running out of supplies required to complete a project. For more information about how automation can help your business, check out NextProcess’s end-to-end software solutions or contact us for a demonstration.