Mobilizing Your Workforce with P2P Tools

  • Mobilizing Your Workforce with P2P Tools

    Mobilizing Your Workforce with P2P Tools

    Mobile technology in P2P software has been a boon to many companies and allowed them to completely transform their workforce. Efficiency and access to necessary tools have been improved significantly. The timing is important. Most companies now have a lot of travel and flexibility related to their employee standards. 85% of businesses describe their workforce’s mobility between moderate and significant. Over a third of businesses have a “highly mobile” workforce and the number of mobile workers is expected to increase significantly. All of this means a serious need for accessibility to keep back-office operations running smoothly. Having mobile access also increases a sense of autonomy for employees, which tends to improve productivity overall.

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    Experts agree that mobile access as a tool for efficiency can’t be overvalued. Why are so many businesses still questioning the need for it? Even as higher numbers of companies adopt more accessible technology platforms, many are still missing out on the basics of P2P mobilization and automation. North America’s adoption of mobile-friendly software has been somewhat low and surprisingly, mobility isn’t high on everyone’s priority list. There are some serious concerns to address before launching into any kind of major software update so companies are right to want to do all of their research before they make a provider choice.

    Security concerns have spread around mobile options and with good reason. There are new data leaks and hacks popping up on the news every day. With so much sensitive information, it’s extremely important to take every precaution with company data Employees might stay logged in or save passwords somewhere they shouldn’t. Personal devices can be lost or stolen and the risks are even worse when an employee travels frequently for business. There are potential vulnerabilities working with any internet-based solution Technology providers are always researching new threats and evaluating risks so we can strike a balance between accessibility and control in order to produce the most powerful software tools.

    When managers hear about change, their minds jump straight to cost. That’s an understandable thought process. From the earliest computers to today’s tablets, keeping up with technology has always seemed like an expensive prospect. There are definitely very costly ways to do it. ERP systems are serious tools but they can be difficult to update and rarely incorporate as many mobile-friendly features as most businesses could use. The in-house software development project costs add up quickly, not to mention management and training. It can seem like an exercise in futility to even try to update overall technology.

    There are simpler solutions available to make things easier without breaking the bank or compromising security. Software as a Service P2P providers have been working to connect different pieces of finance and streamline as many processes as possible for the last 15 years. The difference workforce mobilization can make for your business is astounding if you make informed choices. NextProcess has been leading the industry in P2P technology and innovative software to make the process as simple as possible for your company. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build a better business.


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