The Superpowers of Business Process Automation Software

  • The Superpowers of Business Process Automation Software

    The Superpowers of Business Process Automation Software

    Are your business processes in need of rescue? If yes, the superpowers of business process automation are here to save the day.

    When you’re struggling with clunky automation, expensive processing, out-of-date software, and similar issues you could use a superhero. Not the kind that flies in with a cape but the kind that transforms your business processing into something that saves time and money while also streamlining the entire process.

    Business process automation (BPA) lets software take over repetitive tasks such as collecting and entering invoice data, checking expense reports for errors, and filing paperwork. It provides your employees with the tools to handle your business processes more efficiently and streamlines workflow. Those are just a few of the perks that we’ll be looking at in this article.


    Super Speed

    If you’re using older automation software or something that IT cobbled-together around an ERP, then you might not think of super speed as one of the powers automation can provide. For the type of BPA software we offer, though, faster processing speeds is one of the biggest advantages.

    Take the accounts payable department as an example. BPA software streamlines invoice receiving, quickly transferring invoices (even ones that arrive on paper) to a digital workflow. Once in the system, the invoices are quickly processed according to pre-determined criteria. Typically, at least 80% of invoices are processed without human interference. The whole process works much more quickly than in a paper-based department or one with limited automation.

    X-Ray Vision

    Want transparency in your business processes? BPA software can help. As the software automatically processes documents it also keeps records of everything. These records are stored in an easy-to-search digital database. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to pull up complete records for anything that goes through the system.

    Even better, these records are available in real-time. You can access all the information in the system as soon as it’s recorded. Check on invoice processing status, pull up recent purchase orders, or see expense reports as soon as they’re filed. Or go back and pull up older records much more easily than you would be able to with paper files.


    Modern business processing software has the power to mimic the work of human employees and in certain cases do their jobs more efficiently. Repetitive tasks like routine processing and data entry can be done much more quickly and accurately by software than by human employees. Another advantage of software is that it doesn’t take any time off, meaning it can keep working round-the-clock. This last point is particularly helpful for tasks like data mining and fraud prevention.

    There are limits to this superpower, though. Software cannot entirely replace human employees. Rather, it’s designed to make their lives easier. You’ll still need people to handle exceptions invoice processing and other, more value-added tasks in the automated departments.


    Enhanced Intelligence

    Here at NextProcess, we like to stay on the cutting-edge of new technology advancements so we can continue delivering the best software to our customers. Currently, this involves incorporating new advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which gives your software superpowered intelligence.

    Your business process automation software can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions. The system learns and adapts as you use it to become more and more useful for your business. You can direct this process by customizing settings and controls.


    Business processing software won’t actually let you see into the future, but its tools empower decision-makers to help your company generate more accurate projections. With BPA giving you x-ray vision into your business processes, you’ll be able to access accurate records quickly and easily.

    These records give you insight into the past and current state of your business processes. Armed with this information, you can better track cash flow and plan where your money should go. The software also helps by providing integrated tools like the budgeting tools in our Capital Management Software. Since the software is flexible it also adapts quickly to your company’s changing needs, almost as if it can anticipate what’s happening next.

    Revenue Generation

    Wouldn’t it be great to have something or someone in your company with the superpower to generates revenue out of thin air? While that’s not possible, business process automation can help your company save significant amounts of money.

    From managing capital projects to streamlining the AP department to controlling purchases to simplifying T&E reporting, BPA software makes finances easier to manage. It also saves money by reducing processing time and costs. Plus, AP automation helps generate revenue by taking advantage of early payment discounts, preventing late payments, and improving cash management.



    You can log-in to your company’s BPA systems from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and the right passwords. It’s like having the convenience of “teleporting” your system to you wherever you are.

    Being able to access the system in this way has many advantages. For example, it lets managers issue approvals remotely and employees who are traveling upload their receipts as expenses occur.

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    Another cool superpower of BPA software is that if you automate different departments through the same supplier they can work together. Our software also seamlessly integrates with existing ERPs. With NextProcess software suite, the processes and departments that you can automate include:

    Using the same company for different BPA systems means there are no software conflicts. It also makes implementation easier and streamlines customer service. Plus, it’s easier for employees who work across departments to learn the software.

    And there you have it – eight exciting superpowers of business process automation software. You can get all these superpowers working for your company when you automate with NextProcess. Just contact us today to schedule a free demo and see exactly how our software can transform your business processes.