Want To Customize Financial Software For Each User Without Extra Fees? You Can With NextProcess

  • Want To Customize Financial Software For Each User Without Extra Fees? You Can With NextProcess

    Want To Customize Financial Software For Each User Without Extra Fees? You Can With NextProcess

    So you’ve found a new software for your business. It seems perfect. All the features you need, the price seems right, and it’s supposed to be easy to use.

    But then you learn the price was only for a limited number of user licenses. You’ll have to pay extra to let more employees access the software. And then you realize that not everyone needs all those incredible features and they make the user interface too cluttered and distracting.

    Clearly, you need to find a better software system.

    If you’re looking for a system that lets you customize what features each user can access without charging extra fees, look no further than NextProcess. That’s exactly the sort of solution that we offer.


    You Control Software Access

    At NextProcess, we do not require individual licenses. You pay based on what your company uses the software for – not on how many people use the software. This lets larger teams save money while also enjoying the benefits of more flexible access to our platform.

    In addition, our platform lets you specify permissions for limited access, approvals, viewing/editing, reporting, and more. You have total control regarding who has access and who does not, all without paying extra fees.

    Custom Views For Each User Type

    With so many of your employees able to use NextProcess software, you’ll probably end up with people logging in to perform a wide variety of tasks. Our software system lets you maximize productivity by customizing it for each user type.

    Multiple user types allow users to focus on just the data they need to do their job most quickly and effectively. The customized dashboards provide quick insight into performance status and individual production, and put critical data just a click away

    Better Interactions With Vendors

    Our software doesn’t just improve access within your company. You can also choose to set up a vendor access portal to improve customer service in a department like Accounts Payable.

    Keeping good relations with vendors can save you money, labor, and hassle. Granting your vendors controlled access to the platform lets them submit invoices, check invoice status, and supply any missing information. Your AP department will experience reduced call and email volume when vendors can help themselves.

    Easy Setup Process

    It’s very easy to learn how to use NextProcess software, but we’ll still be there to help you and your employees get started. We want to make sure you get full access to the features quickly and with as little hassle as possible. That’s why we take care of the initial setup and why we stick around through the full implementation to make sure things are working exactly the way you like. You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to use the great features we offer on your own.

    Are you ready to get flexible, affordable software for your business? If the answer is “yes,” contact us today to get started with a free demo.