What Happens When You Get All Your Business Automation Software Working Together?

  • What Happens When You Get All Your Business Automation Software Working Together?

    What Happens When You Get All Your Business Automation Software Working Together?

    If you’re like many businesses, there’s a good chance you’re working on increasing the level of business automation your company is using. Whether you’re upgrading existing business automation or implementing it for the first time, one of the questions that quickly comes up is how to get all the automation working together.

    It’s an easy question to overlook in the early planning stages when you’re more focused on automating individual departments instead of focusing on Enterprise resource planning. But then maybe you start looking at how many types of software systems are available. One promises to perfect your accounts payable, another specializes in expense reporting, and the list goes on and on.

    If you get a different system for each process you want to automate, then your business will be working with multiple software vendors. But if you get all your software from one place you’ll have a much more streamlined workflow and it’ll be far easier to get all your software working together. And that’s definitely something that can help your business.


    Don’t Mix and Match

    Mixing and matching can work for some things, like your wardrobe or ice cream toppings. But when you start doing that with software it’s a recipe for disaster. Sometimes the software isn’t compatible. Sometimes functionality overlaps and when employees choose one or the other it can lead to inconsistency. Or sometimes there are gaps in the software’s functionality and automation isn’t complete across departments.

    Things get even more complicated if some departments want to set up in-house servers to run the automation and others want to go with cloud-based software. And even if you could manage to get all the different software working together, there’s still the problem of employees having to learn different software interfaces. Mixing and matching software just isn’t the most efficient plan for a business looking to automate. Getting enterprise resource planning software modules from a single vendor will help solve these issues.

    Eliminate Software Conflicts

    Programs that you purchase from different software providers rarely play well together. Instead of streamlined processing and inter-departmental cooperation, you end up with glitches when you try to work between systems. File formats don’t transfer correctly. One or both systems crash when you try to connect them. It all adds up to software conflicts that can cause massive headaches you shouldn’t have to deal with.

    To fix this problem, look for a holistic software solution that can also integrate with existing systems as needed. Each of NextProcess’ modules will work with all major ERP systems. They also work well together and don’t suffer from the software conflicts that would happen if you were trying to mix and match.


    Only Work With One Vendor

    Getting all your software from the same vendor simplifies billing. Instead of paying multiple software vendors, you only have to work with one. This makes things easier on your accounts payable department.

    This also makes it easier when you need to contact your software supplier’s customer service department. Instead of trying to work with multiple companies trying to get an answer about how to make their software work with someone else’s system, you only need to deal with one. Here at NextProcess, we’re experts at making sure our software modules work together exactly the way you need them to.

    Implement Quickly and Easily

    Whenever you automate a department or switch to a new software system, there’s a certain amount of downtime for implementation. One way to shorten this downtime is to use a Software-as-a-Service company for your automation needs. Using the same SaaS company for different departments makes things even more simple.

    By using a single software suite, you can roll out the new software across your company all at once. With NextProcess, there won’t be any problems or delays caused by trying to get different brands of software to work together. Just a smooth implementation handled by a single company that’s an expert at setting up compatible software modules across your business.


    Simplify Employee Learning

    Every type of software is a little different and there’s a learning curve when you start using a new system. Once you’ve learned one program by a specific software provider, though, it’s much easier to learn their other programs. For example, learning Microsoft Word makes it easy to learn other programs in the Office Suite but it won’t help much if you’re trying to learn Adobe Photoshop.

    Your employees will have a much easier time learning how to use the different business 21111111111111111111112

    ][[[[[;automation systems in your business if all those systems are made by the same software provider. The interface and dashboard maintain a consistent feel that speeds up the learning curve.

    No Gaps or Overlap

    Another advantage of having a single software suite handle automation in multiple departments is that makes the entire process work more smoothly. A software company that offers a suite of programs understands how each piece fits together to make business processing seamless.

    A suite of different programs designed to work together by the same software supplier leaves no gaps along the way. It also eliminates excessive overlap that could cause confusion if two pieces of software handle the same function and some users utilized Software A while others chose Software B. With all your business automation working seamlessly together, you’ll get consistent performance from your process automation software.


    NextProcess Offers Real Solutions

    NextProcess offers a suite of software with modules to power and to simplify a wide variety of essential business processes. Our software can automate your capital project management, procurement and purchase orders, accounts payable, travel and expense, document management, and payment disbursements. Just pick which ones you need and we’ll get you set up with reliable business process automation.

    When you pick NextProcess, you can rest assured you’ll get a good return on your investment. We have one of the highest rates of successful implementations in the industry. Our team will work with you through the entire implementation process to make sure all your new software solutions are working correctly and configured to your company’s exact needs. Click here to contact us today and request more information or schedule a free demo and see how our software solutions can help your company.