The Right Solution for Your Travel and Expense Needs

  • The Right Solution for Your Travel and Expense Needs

    The Right Solution for Your Travel and Expense Needs

    Is your travel and expense tracking plagued with inefficient record keeping and delayed reimbursement? Poor T&E tracking causes problems not just with efficiency; it can creates serious audit headaches as well.


    Wouldn’t it be better if all your T&E processes were centralized and automated? Wouldn’t you like to gain real control and enforcement over employee spending?

    We’ve got the right solution with the NextProcess Travel and Expense Management Module, which is designed to give management the functionality they need for ideal oversight and control.


    To hold employees (and management) accountable for travel and expense reporting, you need a platform that allows for the utmost control. Our T&E module isn’t one-size-fits-all—it’s extremely customizable and can easily be configured to your exact specifications.

    Flexible Reporting

    No matter what you need to track, the NextProcess Travel and Expense Reporting Software has the capacity to report on it. You can go with the standard reporting features built into our module, or you can custom design your own reporting fields or combine the two. The choice is yours; our software is designed to be flexible so it can meet all your expense management needs.

    Upload Documentation from Anywhere

    You don’t have to wait until your employees come back from the road to read their expense reports. With our software, it’s easy to upload and electronically attach receipts, documents, and images to the report, in virtually any format. Now your “road warriors” can record their spending in real time from anywhere they have access to an internet connection.

    Reduced Errors

    The intuitive interface of our T&E expense reporting makes it easier for employees to input information (with fewer mistakes), and it makes correcting any errors and making revisions extremely simple for management.

    Ultimately, the Travel & Expense management software will reduce the time you spend on travel and expense tracking while giving you more control so you can hold your team to a higher standard.

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