Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

    Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider

    When researching process improvement companies, how are you supposed to know what will work for you? Consider using a SaaS provider.

    Ap SaaS Top 5 Reasons to Choose a SaaS Accounts Payable Provider


    Software as a Service providers are changing how companies approach process improvement initiatives within their accounts payable operation. Providers often offer more options, more software flexibility, and lower costs that can be ideal for companies in need of department or process overhaul. Here are some important advantages of using a SaaS provider:

    1. Ongoing Support: Most of the big software providers have robust solutions which cost big bucks to implement. Ultimately, after implementation, the application is left largely unsupported. SaaS providers operate on a completely different model. The software is designed to be just one portion of the services offered. With a SaaS provider, you can count on reliable support and regular software improvements.
    2. Software Customization: SaaS providers design their software with flexibility in mind, designed to fit a wide variety of needs. While many ERP software providers have similar concepts in mind, often client’s exceptions and variations are shoehorned into whatever fields the software offers. A flexible model is ideal in getting all of the functionality you need in a straightforward format.
    3. Transactional Pricing: Unlike software providers, who usually charge a huge fee right up front, SaaS providers are more likely to price by transaction. After a setup fee, SaaS providers often price based on which aspects of their service you’re using and how many documents are processed. Some even include bulk discounts or a reduced transactional rate based for companies with higher volumes.
    4. Lower Implementation Fees: SaaS providers generally offer software as one component of their service or solution. As a result, the setup charges are often significantly reduced when compared to a major ERP software provider. When using a SaaS provider, the expense often doesn’t require a capital expenditure, making it ideal for any cost-conscious organization.
    5. Field Expertise: SaaS providers are frequently evolving their software in order to keep up with the latest technology available. Some provide outsourcing or consulting services that keep them well-informed of best practices and successful solutions. This valuable insight allows SaaS providers to give insight into why their solution will work best for you, as well as provide advising services in order to maximize process improvement.

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