5 Ways that Business Process Automation Can Support Employee Morale

  • 5 Ways that Business Process Automation Can Support Employee Morale

    In recent years, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the important role employee morale plays in a business. According to Forbes and CMS Wire, supporting employee morale boosts company productivity. When employees are satisfied with their jobs and not overworked, they’re also more likely to stay with the company. Higher retention rates benefit the company by keeping talent within the business and reducing hiring and training costs. In addition, happy employees tend to be more creative and collaborative in their jobs. This often leads to more innovation that can benefit your company.

    There are many ways to support employee morale. One of those ways is by giving them tools that support work-life balance by making jobs easier. Business process automation (BPA) software fits into this category and it can help in a variety of industries. While BPA software can’t directly improve an employee’s home life, it can help support work-life balance by simplifying their jobs. With automation software to help speed up and streamline work, there’s less chance of needing to work overtime. It also helps make employees’ jobs more engaging and flexible. Plus, automation software reduces costs, speeds up processing, and streamlines business processes in your company so it’s good for everyone involved.

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    1) Reducing Mundane, Repetitive Tasks

    Employees are more likely to become dissatisfied and feel unappreciated if their jobs mostly consist of mundane or menial tasks. Even important tasks like accurately inputting information from paper documents to a computer system can quickly become boring. Leaving tasks like that in the hands of employees also makes errors more likely, simply because it’s so easy for people to click the wrong button or switch numbers around.

    By automating routine, repetitive, and mundane tasks, you reduce the risk of human error and leave employees free to do other things. Give your employees tasks that require more responsibility and use their expertise. There’s a good chance they’ll be more engaged, more productive, and more satisfied working for your company.

    2) Providing Flexible Work Options

    One thing the pandemic taught us is that many employees can work. Even now that most of us can be back in the office, many employees are finding that they like a more flexible schedule. Offering the option to work from home some days and in the office on other days is a perk that can help boost employee morale.

    When you automate using a Software-as-a-Service supplier, the software is cloud-based. This makes it accessible from any internet-enabled location. Employees working with BPA software from a company like NextProcess can access the software just as easily from home as they can in the office. It’s safe, secure, and highly flexible.

    3) Simplifying Customer Service

    Dealing with people outside the company is often a source of stress for employees. This is true whether you’re on the receiving or providing end of customer service. It’s stressful if you’re working with an irate supplier asking questions about their invoice payments. Similarly, it’s stressful if you’re on the phone for hours waiting for someone to answer questions about BPA software.

    NextProcess software-as-a-service helps resolve some of those issues. First, our customer service team is highly responsive and happy to answer your questions if you need help with our software. Second, we’ve built features into some software modules to make working with your suppliers simpler. In our accounts payable software, for example, the vendor portal makes it easy for your supplier to log in and check on the status of their invoices. They can also upload missing files and update their own information from this portal. This makes things easier on your employees by reducing the number of calls and emails to and from vendors.

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    4) Making Software User-Friendly

    Some business processing software—particularly earlier versions of this type of software—was not easy or intuitive to use. In contrast, modern BPA systems from reliable software-as-a-service companies are much simpler to work with. Having a user-friendly system helps employee morale by reducing stress. People are much happier in their jobs when software systems are easy to work with.

    User-friendly software makes it easier to train new employees and cross-train established employees to use different software systems. If you’re planning to use BPA software to automate multiple departments, remember to get your software from the same supplier. Using a BPA software suite eliminates software conflicts. It also makes collaborating or transferring between departments much easier on employees.

    5) Automating Compliance

    The rules and regulations established within your company exist for a reason. They can be frustrating for employees, though, if they don’t seem clear and easy to follow. BPA software can make employees’ jobs less stressful by making compliance simple. You can customize NextProcess software to streamline compliance and make things easier for your employees.

    In procurement, for example, punch-out catalogs and item catalogs make it easy for employees to submit purchases within the system. They won’t need to worry about making sure their purchases fit into approved categories or that they’ve submitted the purchase order correctly; the system handles it all for them. Similarly, expense reporting automation makes it very easy for employees to submit travel and other expenses. When employees can easily receive reimbursements for legitimate business expenses, they’re more likely to feel valued and appreciated by their company.

    Let NextProcess Help

    If you’re looking to support employee morale while also doing something that’s great for your company, it’s time to automate your business processes. Here at NextProcess, our software streamlines routine, repetitive tasks. It provides secure internet access to the automation platform which allows for flexible work options. We’ve also simplified customer service and made the software user-friendly. Plus, our software helps you automate customized compliance to your company’s regulations.

    For more information about our BPA software modules, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or schedule a free, no-strings-attached software demonstration.