What Makes Business Process Automation Software User-Friendly and Why Does That Matter So Much?

  • What Makes Business Process Automation Software User-Friendly and Why Does That Matter So Much?

    What Makes Business Process Automation Software User-Friendly and Why Does That Matter So Much?

    One of the big challenges to implementing business process automation (BPA) software is that people worry the technology will be difficult to use. This is especially true for companies that have tried accounts payable automation or digital travel and expense reporting only to find that the software is incompatible with other programs, such as upgraded ERPs, or is challenging for employees to learn how to use.

    The promise of a more user-friendly system is a good incentive to switch to modern BPA software. Paper-based processes and older digital systems simply don’t offer the ease of use that modern BPA software can. Still, not every program offers the same types of user-friendly benefits.

    Features that make BPA software user-friendly are vital to the successful implementation of new automation software. Implementing new financial processing software should make people’s lives easier, not more complicated as they struggle to figure out a new system. As you’re shopping for BPA software, keep an eye out for features that make process automation more user-friendly.

    User Friendly Business Process Automation Software

    Supported Implementation

    Before you even get started using the software, you’re going to have to implement it in your company. This is a stage where it’s so easy for problems to come up that (if we’re talking about the enterprise IT/software industry as a whole), about 1/3 of implementations fail entirely.

    In contrast, NextProcess has a near-perfect implementation rate. Our team is extremely involved with setting up software to make certain that it works in your company the way you need it to. Getting off to the right start like this makes the software much more user-friendly. It’s also much easier on your internal IT department because NextProcess handles so much of the setup and integration for you.

    Responsive Software and Customer Service

    After implementation, NextProcess continues to support our clients with responsive customer service. Our software is flexible and adaptable to fit the changing needs of your business. A lot of this scalability happens behind the scenes. But if you have questions or want customer support when changing or configuring any aspect of your software, we’re easy to get ahold of and happy to help.

    Adaptable software and supportive customer service go a long way toward creating user-friendly software. Your employees will be a lot happier with the software if they know most of the updates and changes can happen without them needing to worry about it. They can also use the software confident that if they have questions or challenges, it’s easy to get in touch with someone who has the answers.

    Multiple Integrated Modules

    One of the reasons that our clients choose NextProcess over other BPA solutions is because the different software modules we offer complement each other so well. It’s great to be able to get CapEx, accounts payable, purchasing, T&E, and disbursement software all from the same place. That’s a lot easier than trying to piece together a solution while working with multiple software companies.

    There are also many other benefits to choosing a BPA software suite. One of those benefits directly relates to making the software user-friendly. Getting the different software that you need from one supplier speeds up the learning curve and makes it simpler to cross-train employees. Plus, the software fits together so nicely that there aren’t any gaps or overlaps which would make using the software confusing.

    Business Process Automation - User Experience (Bpa Ux/Ui)

    Easy-To-Use Features

    Once the software is up and running and employees know how it works, the features which make a software program easy to use become the most visible part of the user-friendly experience. These are features that simplify tasks users perform over and over again. The easier the software makes it to do these tasks, the more user-friendly the software is. Here are a few examples from NextProcess’s software modules:

    • Submitting expense receipts is simple with our T&E software modules. Employees can simply take a picture of the receipt with their phone and upload it directly to the program. If they have a digital receipt already, they just forward that email to the T&E system. This makes it much easier to keep track of receipts. It also means that processing expense reports takes less time, and employees receive their money faster.
    • Purchasing software makes it much easier for employees to make purchases that comply with company policy. By using punch-out and item catalogs, our system makes it simple for employees to shop within the software. This eliminates the danger of making purchases that aren’t aligned with procurement policy. It also makes it much easier for employees to submit purchasing requests.
    • Accounts payable automation streamlines and automates data entry, lightening employee workload while at the same time reducing the risk of human error. This speeds up processing, saves the company money, and makes it easier for employees. When an invoice does need a person to reconcile or double-check information, the system notifies employees and makes it easy for them to look up related documents.
    • Business processing software generates a large amount of digital data. It turns all the information that was once available on paper into digital data, plus it saves metadata about how the system processed those documents. A digital document management system makes it very easy for employees to access and do a full-text search of digital records. These user-friendly search features make everything from audits to budgets simpler to do.

    Why NextProcess?

    When you’re looking to digitize paper-based business processes or upgrade existing digitization, finding user-friendly software should be near the top of your priority list. Automation ought to make people’s lives easier. Implementing cloud-based business processing automation from a reliable software supplier with a great track record helps ensure that your employees will be comfortable using the software.

    Here at NextProcess, our priority is making sure each of our clients receives flexible, robust, and individualized functionality. We build close partnerships with our clients, emphasizing open communication. We’re continually responding to customer feedback to develop more user-friendly software that provides the functionality and security your company needs. To learn more or see a free demonstration of our software’s user-friendly features, click here to contact us.