Employee Satisfaction and Expense Reporting

  • Employee Satisfaction and Expense Reporting

    Employee Satisfaction and Expense Reporting

    A recent study published by Amsterdam-based marker researcher Ruigrok | NetPanel found that employees worldwide lose $15 billion a year in unclaimed expenses. Employees in the United States account for $9.7 billion of this amount, which comes from about 17% of employees shouldering an average of $390 of their own expenses each year.


    While some employees said they just didn’t bother or forgot to fill out a claim, fully 1/4 of the employees directly blamed cumbersome claims procedures for their failure to recoup expenses. It’s understandable that resentment can start building up when employees feel like they’re being cheated out of their money by a system seemingly designed to frustrate them.

    Investing in automated expense reporting software is a win-win situation for employers and employees. For employees, the process becomes simple, streamlined and frustration-fee. For employers, expense reports software saves time and cuts down on fraud expenses.

    Easy Reporting

    NextProcess’ Travel & Expense automation software features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employees to report their expenses as they happen. A centralized, online submission portal makes for rapid entry of all different kinds of expenses. There’s no need to keep track of paper receipts – just snap a photo with a smartphone and upload. Employees can also send in e-mail receipts.

    Complete Transparency

    Our interface offers quick and easy access to report data from current and past claims. NextProcess software doesn’t keep things hidden from you or your employees. This serves a dual purpose: transparent reimbursement policy makes for easier audits and keeps employees in the know about their claims process.

    Fast Response

    Using NextProcess’ Travel & Expense software significantly speeds up the response time. Since the expense reporting process is highly automated, your employees see faster payments in response to their claims. It also saves time for the department in charge of handling expenses – no more keeping track of paper receipts and less trouble chasing down employees who forgot to turn in their expense reports.

    Highly Customized

    Our software is extremely configurable. You can set parameters for variable mileage reimbursements, reimbursement limits, and much more. This has the added bonus of ensuring you only pay for the parts of the software that you use. The automated module expands as your company grows, and cost of ownership stays low because our unlimited user license means no hidden fees for adding more users.

    Fraud Prevention

    When your travel and expense automation software is being set up, you get to customize your rules and procedures. The software automatically checks that reported expenses comply with company policy and follows your procedures exactly. Curious to see how it works? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.