Purchase Orders for Growing Businesses

  • Purchase Orders for Growing Businesses

    Purchase Orders for Growing Businesses

    When just starting out with your small business, you probably didn’t invest in Procure to Pay software or automation for purchase orders. After all, how hard is it to just call your supplier up or send in an order online when you need new paper clips?

    But as your business grows and you hire more employees, things become more complicated. What if you run out of paper clips and everyone in the office orders new ones? Or no one places an order because they all think someone else did it? You might also start running into problems that involve miscommunication with suppliers, so you end up with 100 boxes of paper clips instead of 10.


    Precise Ordering

    Using purchase orders immediately brings order and clarity to your procurement process. They form a legal contract between your company and the suppliers that specifies exactly how much of each item you need and what price you agree to purchase it for.

    If you use software like NextProcess’ Purchase Order Module, it’s easy to look back on your ordering history and match incoming shipments to purchase orders. Our system makes it easy for you to double-check that what you ordered is exactly what arrives at your business.

    Simple Purchasing Management

    Purchase Order software makes it easy to streamline the ordering process through just a few employees. You can set-up NextProcess software to allow purchases only by the employee you’ve designated as purchasing manager, or limit your employees’ purchases company-wide and/or to certain items per vendor. You can also get emails notifications for approvals, receipts, and other important details.

    Having all the purchasing records in one place and just one or two people in charge of purchasing eliminates problems with redundant orders. When other employees make a request for an order, it’s simple to check whether or not the order has already been placed. You can also see how much you spent for those items last time by comparing past purchase orders, and keep track of how often you’re restocking your inventory.

    Easy Record-keeping

    NextProcess’ Purchase Order Module is designed for ease of use, both when generating purchase orders and when dealing with your financial records. Extensive automation minimizes effort when creating your purchase orders. The software features a flexible configuration that lets you set it up so you see information that’s most relevant to your company first.

    The purchase order module updates in real time and stores records automatically. This makes balancing your books at the end of the month, quarter or year much easier. All the information you need about purchases is right there are your fingertips in an easy-to-search format that’s accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone.