Here’s How Travel & Expense Software Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Here’s How Travel & Expense Software Will Make Your Life Easier

    Here’s How Travel & Expense Software Will Make Your Life Easier

    With most companies now handling business operations using software and cloud-based technology, how come so many still rely on paper-based records for managing employee expenses?

    Maybe it’s because they think gathering receipts and filling out paper forms is simpler than teaching employees a new system. Maybe they’re just used to their old processes. Or perhaps they’re not sure implementing a new software system will be valuable enough to justify the cost.

    At NextProcess, we understand these concerns. That’s why we’ve designed our Travel and Expense Management Module to be user-friendly and efficient. Our goal is to make your life easier by streamlining and speeding up the reimbursement process and allowing you more control and oversight over employee spending.

    In this article, we’ll look at some of the top features of our software that’ll help take the stress out of travel and expense reporting and make things easier for you and your employees.


    Real-Time Expense Reporting and Tracking

    With NextProcess, you can track expenses in real-time. Anyone who’s traveling for business can use their smartphone to submit expenses and upload documents such as receipts. And you can respond just as immediately from your end.

    Our module comes with standardized reports, so you don’t have to worry about setting things up from scratch. You can also customize it as much as you want. Our reporting interface is entirely customizable so you can tailor our software to fit your unique needs.

    A Simplified Way to Enforce Company Policy

    Sometimes weird things can show up on expense reports. This can happen by accident because employees don’t have a clear idea of your expense reimbursement policies. It may also happen on purpose if an employee who’s less than honest tries to take advantage of your company.

    The sort of expense report software we offer makes it easy for you to automatically enforce company policies. Once you’ve programmed your policies into the system employees can quickly check what qualifies as a legitimate expense. The travel and expense software also automatically flags suspicious or unusual expense reports for manual review.

    Cut Your Company’s Processing Costs

    Finding simple ways to save money certainly makes things easier on a company. Though there’s some initial expense in switching to an automated expense reporting system, the savings start adding up quickly.

    In 2016, PayStream Advisors found that the average cost to process a single expense report in a manual system was $26.63. For a partly automated system, the cost went down to $17.31. In a fully automated system, processing an expense report only cost $6.85.


    Reward Responsible Employees with Quick Reimbursement

    In a paper-based world, reimbursements can take weeks or months to reach your top performers. With NextProcess’s travel and expense software, the turnaround for reimbursements is much quicker, often just a matter of days. Not only is this good for your employees, but it also gives your company a better idea of where your finances currently stand.

    You can also provide direct feedback to an expense request. If there’s something wrong, this ensures that employees can make corrections in a timely matter and problems don’t have to wait weeks to be resolved.

    Create A More User-Friendly System

    All the perks we’ve been talking about in this article come together in a user-friendly system. We’ve designed all our software modules to be very easy to use, even if this is an employee’s first time working with this sort of software.

    One of the big complaints that employees often have with travel and expense reimbursement is that it’s overly complicated. Our system simplifies this process by making it so anyone with an expense report to file can do so easily from any internet-accessible device. This helps increase employee satisfaction. Plus, the system is also easy for those processing expense reports to use and it automates most of the process.

    NextProcess’s Travel & Expense automation software will work for your team by saving you time and increasing your control over employee expenses. Ultimately, we’re dedicated to providing you with the solutions that make your life easier. And that’s our commitment for the entire time you have our software; not just during initial setup.

    Want to learn more about our travel and expense software solutions? Give us a call today at 866-379-NEXT(6398) or click here to send us a message.