4 Big Advantages to Choosing a BPA Software Suite

  • 4 Big Advantages to Choosing a BPA Software Suite

    4 Big Advantages to Choosing a BPA Software Suite

    There’s a wide range of options to choose from when shopping for business process automation (BPA) software. You might wonder if it’s a good idea to pick and choose software for different applications from different Service as a Software (SaaS) providers. While this might sound good in theory, there are several compelling reasons for sticking with just one company for your automation needs.

    4 Big Advantages to Choosing a BPA Software Suite

    1) No Software Conflicts

    Mixing and matching can be great for your wardrobe, but it’s a recipe for disaster with software. Programs from different software providers don’t always play well with others. File formats don’t transfer right, something glitches when trying to share information – you don’t need headaches like that.

    You want to look for a holistic software solution that can also integrate with existing systems as needed. Each NextProcess module is configurable to work with all major ERP systems. They can stand alone or work with other modules. They also play well with each other and with others when needed.

    2) Ease of Implementation

    When you first switch to using automated software, there’s a certain amount of downtime while getting the new system up and running. Choosing a SaaS company for your automation minimizes this downtime, and going with the same company can make things even more simple.

    By using a single software suite, you’ll be able to roll out the new software across your company all at once while working with a single provider. No worries about scheduling conflicts or delays trying to get the different brands of software to work together.

    3) Simplified Learning

    Every software system is a little different, but there are commonalities between software modules made by the same provider. For example, once you learn Microsoft Word it’s easier to learn Excel and other programs in the Office Suite.

    Employees working with multiple BPA systems will have an easier time if they’re all made by the same SaaS provider. Once you learn to use NextProcess’ AP automation software, it’s easier to learn other NextProcess modules than to switch to software made by another provider.

    4) Streamlined Customer Service

    If you’re collecting business process automation software from a variety of different companies, you’ll also have to maintain business relationships with each company. And if something goes wrong with the software, you’ll have to deal with more than one customer service department to get things sorted out.

    Having as many of your SaaS needs as possible met by the same company makes it easier to resolve issues and scale the software as your business expands. It also simplifies billing, since you’re paying one company instead of many.

    If you’d like to see how a financial software suite can help your business, get in touch with us. We’ll schedule a free demonstration so you can check out the advantages first-hand before committing to a purchase.

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